NasoGastric Tube Holder




The Dale NasoGastric Tube Holder is ideal for holding nasogastric feeding and aspiration tubes, such as: Salem Sump® tubes, Levin stomach tubes, nasoenteric feeding tubes, and nasogastric intestinal tubes. The skin-friendly adhesive stays in place for extended periods, yet is easy to remove.

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The unique dual interlocking tabs spiral around the nastogastric tube ensuring superior tube security. The non-adherent plastic tips on both tabs make tube removal safer and easier without scissors.



Skin Friendly Adhesive

  • Provides maximum tube security
  • Securely holds feeding and/or aspiration tubes in place
  • Gentle on delicate skin
  • Resists humidified air of oxygen mask
  • Adhesive is not affected by oily skin
  • Leaves no sticky residue on tube or nose after removal
  • 5 ml thick, resistant to lift-off from nose
  • Eliminates the trauma of repeated applications
  • Ideal for use with delicate skin conditions
  • Easy to apply, one person can apply, no need to search for other supplies
Woven Fabric
  • Prevents nasal irritation, erosion or necrosis by centering tube
  • Breathable material can be left in place for extended periods
  • Material stretches to conform to any shape nose
  • More comfortable than traditional tape
  • Long lasting and dependable adherence avoids slippage and complications
  • Enhances recovery by assuring a secure, comfortable fit while maintaining tube placement
  • Increases patient comfort
Dual tabs
  • Maximum tube security
  • Prevents inadvertent dislocation or removal of the tube
  • Reduction of tube movement prevents nasal irritation
  • Centralizes tube in nostril with counter-pulling action of over-wrap and under-wrap tabs
  • Can accommodate one or two tubes
  • More secure than adhesive tape
  • Reduces risk of clinical complications and associated health care costs
  • Security of placement reduces nasal ulceration and nasopharyngeal irritation
  • Secure placement reduces risk of aspiration
  • Increases patient confidence and sense of security with tube placement
Non-Adherent Adhesive Tips
  • “Starter” tab allows for easy application and removal from tube
  • No cutting required means no fear of accidentally cutting tube
  • Ease of use with gloved hands
  • Reduces risk of nosocomial infection
  • Easy application promotes patient comfort while ensuring secure tube placement
  • Complies with glove use and is easy to manipulate while wearing gloves
Comfortable and Convenient
  • Allows nurse to independently change holder without waiting for additional staff
  • Prevents complication that can increase length hospital stay
  • Reduces caregiver time
Improves Patient Comfort
  • Allows for easy relocation of holder
  • Can be moved/rotated to minimize pressure points
  • Allows for normal daily activities with no fear of Foley catheter pullout
  • Eliminates patient and care-giver latex reactions


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