Better Pant


  • Better Pant™ is a urology undergarment that is made to be used with an External Collection System. (Shown with ext. collection system)
  • External Collection System consists of a uridome or penile sheath, tubing, and a leg bag held in place with straps.
  • Adult Diaper is an absorbent product for incontinence.

Better Pant™ is a vast improvement to the External Collection System. Unlike the current External Collection System, Better Pant™ does not use leg straps to hold the leg bag. Better Pant™ is an undergarment with an internal pouch that conceals and securely holds the leg bag in place during normal and physical activities. You will not have to worry about having a urinary accident due to a full leg bag falling down the leg when using Better Pant™. You can now lead a more normal life and maintain your dignity.

Adult diapers can leak, fall when full, and cause embarrassing odours. For a higher quality of life, both physically and socially, the External Collection System has proven to be, for many, an improvement to wearing diapers.

When the External Collection System has been put on correctly and is properly functioning, Better Pant™ has been proven to hold the system safely in place.

Better Pant™ Product Information 

  • Comfortable and easy to use for both men and women
  • Allows the user a higher level of physical activity without the leg bag falling down the leg.
  • Has been used by ambulatory, paraplegic, quadriplegic and non-ambulatory men.
  • Works with uridome or penile sheath, suprapubic and ileoconduit systems.
  • Uses 500ml and 1000ml leg bags.
  • Latex Free
  • Made with Cotton/Poly/Spandex

Better Pant™ Market Test


  • Participants included ambulatory, paraplegic, quadriplegic and non-ambulatory men.
  • Participants were given one Better Pant™ and a questionnaire to fill out and return.
  • Participants all were currently using external collection condom system with leg straps.

87% Comfort level
75% Compared using Better Pant vs. leg straps
62% Confidence using Better Pant vs. leg straps
57% Wants to continue to use Better Pant
62% Will recommend to others


  1. Turn Better Pant™ inside out.
  2. Place leg bag inside pouch making sure leg bag lays flat.
  3. Place release valve through lower opening in pouch.
  4. Connect tubing to leg bag. (Note: Measure length of tubing to fit between the receiving valve on leg bag and sheath; then add 1”– 3” and cut tubing to this length.)
  5. Put sheath on.
  6. Turn Better Pant™ right side out and pull on the connect tubing to penile sheath or condom catheter.



View of External Collection System 

b_video           icon_pdfBetter Pant Brochure

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